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A nice introduction to the singular value decomposition. Short paper starts with a geometric introduction to the SVD for a 2 x 2 matrix and then shows a number of more general applications.

These pages present a nice discussion of least squares and the pseudoinverse.

The paper consists ot ten theorems which provide a nice coverage of the topic, projections in inner product spaces. It covers both orthogonal and nonorthogonal projections.

Introduces the main topics of computer graphics in 2 and 3 dimensions in under 7 pages with exercises.  Transformations are applied to a 2D figure (the letter F) and a 3D object (a simple hous

This PDF file covers change of basis for euclidean spaces which is a standard topic in most linear algebra textbooks. The author discusses the theory first and then gives numerical examples.

This applet is similar to another applet listed on this website, the least squares demo developed by Sam Baker.

Labs and Projects to supplement a introductory linear algrebra class. A set of MATLAB m-files accompanies the manual.

Nice applet for doing least squares. It should be very useful in the classroom. There is an audio lecture that demonstrates how to use the applet.

This is a very nice outline of how to develop the concept of the matrix exponential.