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This is a very short article on Bayesian odds.
This is a another short article on Bayesian odds, but in this case the author refers to Bayes' ratio instead.
Math Goodies has a series of nine lessons on elementary probability.
This is a brief article that starts with the uniform distribution on a finite set to motivate the general axioms of a probability measure.
This is a brief article on the axioms of probability. A few basic rules that are consequences of the axioms are also discussed.
A general discussion of birthday type problems is given and there is an associated applet. In the applet, the number of days in the year can be set from 1 to 400 (default 365).
The birthday problem is approached from a discrete math point of view. Little to no background or description for the problem is given.
Easy to read concise explanation of the basic problem with a simple explanation of usual solution.
Part of the Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics. This link is to the extensive expository material which in turn links to associated applet material.

This collection is part of the New Statistics Project at the Free University of Berlin - it is intended to provided a high-quality multimedia enhanced learning enviroment for statistics and pro