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There are 5 applets each using 2 by 2 matrices which can be entered by the user. Each applet shows information in graphics form and text form.

User supplies steps for the elimination process by selecting input data to the steps and clicking a button. Clearly presented. Easy to use.

Fundamentals of pattern recognition are briefly described with the intent to incorporate ideas for facial recognition and the use of eigen information.

Data (matrices or vectors) is entered in a grid and the submit button is clicked. This displays detailed computational steps. Students will appreciate this since detailed steps are displayed.

Not suitable for first course in linear algebra because the proof assumes some basic analysis on Euclidean spaces, such as the fact that a continuous function on a closed bounded set attains a maxi

Exploration with the applets is fun, even without any mathematical knowledge. Good documentation for the applets is provided.

Well documented and effective applets. It may not be practical to use them without a text such as Robert Devaney's Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems (ed. 2)

This is a follow-up to the other College Math Journal article coauthored by David James:

The singular value decomposition of a matrix can be used to obtain an expansion of a matrix as a sum of rank one matrices weighted by the singular values.

Well-designed applets. Though constructed to use with booklets from Key Curriculum Press, the directions allow the user to make use of the applets without the booklets.