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Fascinating article on the history of Gauss-Jordan reduction and the people responsible for it. Discusses methods and notations used by Gauss, Wilhelm Jordan, and B.-I. Clasen.

There are no instructions for this applet.

The user enters a 2x2 matrix (using sliders for the entries), draws one or more lines, rectangles, circles, and/or freehand curves on the left-hand set of axes (choosing the desired type(s) to draw

This collection is basically a solutions manual for the book Visualizing Linear Algebra with Maple by Sandra Z. Keith, Prentice Hall, 2001.

Nice interactive matrix inverse calculator. User enters elementary row operations and views their effect. All the steps are recorded by the applet and displayed for the user to review.

Java applet gives example of the calculation of a matrix inverse. Gives students a chance to invert a matrix without making arithmetic errors.

Interesting article; gives detailed treatment of full rank factorizations and their applications. There's a wealth of information in this article.

HIghly readable and thorough discussion of the SVD, aimed at a general audience.

Quick, readable discussion of polar decomposition, singular value decomposition, and pseudoinverses, with examples.