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Normal approximation to the Negative Binomial is valid when the number of required successes, \(s\), is large, and the probability of success, \(p\), is neither very small nor very large.
This chapter of the Probability and Statistics EBook contains the basic properties of the Gamma Distribution, explains the basis for the Normal approximation to Gamma and shows examples.
A complete description of the Gamma distribution, its properties and applications (including examples and Normal approximation).
This site provides examples, Java applets and theoretical formulation of the Normal approximation to Binomial distribution.
This page includes the theory and applications of Negative Binomial Distribution, and the conditions for validity of Normal approximation to Negative Binomial.
This is a chapter of the Probability and Statistics EBook describing the theory and applications of Normal Approximation to Poisson distribution.
This webpage includes links to applets which allow the user to calculate normal probabilities and z-scores. It also demonstrates how to use normal probability tables.
This webpage provides a very detailed and high-quality description of the Cauchy Distribution.