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The applet enables the user to visualize the triple product of 3 vectors as the volume of a parallelepiped. It has very pretty and smooth graphics.

This resource is a collection of material about vectors, dot, cross and triple products, matrices, linear transformations, lines and planes, and visualizing functions in higher dimensions.

Excel is used to carryout computations and produce eye-catching interactive graphics.

There are six applets in the collection: vector calculator, Gaussian elimination, matrix calculator, linear transformations in \( \mathbf{R}^2\), eigenvalues/eigenvectors, and Gram Schmidt.

The Dot Product applet shows its dependence on the two vectors' lengths and the angle between them, and demonstrates its rotational invariance.

Nice visualization of the action of a \(2 \times 2\) matrix on an object in the plane.

This applet allows users to specify two 2Dvectors by moving the tip of the arrow. Then it shows the projection and computes the dot product.

This resource allows multiple user-entered matrices of up to \( 8 \times 9\).  It will find the following:  determinant, inverse, adjoint, reduced echelon form and transpose, and will do

This resource allows a user-entered matrix of up to \(8 \times 9\).  It does Gaussian elimination to reduced echelon form and displays each step and the resulting matrix from that step. 

This resource allows a user-entered matrix of up to \(6 \times 8\).  It does Gaussian elimination, where the user is required to enter each step of row reduction.  It also does general ma