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Notes explaining basic modeling with first order differential equations, looking at specific examples of Mixing Problems, Population Problems, and Falling Bodies.
These student Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects developed over seven years are collected at the COMAP website (Â
Graphs solutions of diffusion equations over time. Interface could be smoother. You have to click at different points on the timeline to get things graphed - animation would be helpful.
Eleven interactive activities from the definition to solutions of ODEs
Applet that shows the poles of the Laplace transform in the frequency domain and the graph of the solution in the time domain simultaneously.
Enter (constant) coefficients for a first order autonomous system.
User can enter (constant) coefficients for a second order differential equation with cosine forcing function and see the graph of the solution.
CLICK ON "SYSTEMS OF ODES" IN LEFT PANEL TO BEGIN. The first thing done is to rewrite the second order equation as a first order system and then the applet traces the solution through time.
Plots the solution curves of a user-input two dimensional system of autonomous differential equations. It has a reasonable parser, flexibility, and speed.
This java applet provides a variety of graphing functionality supporting multivariable calculus.