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Simple learning unit with applets to study Cartesian, polar and oblique coordinates. Applets are accompanied by exercises and solutions.

Applet visualizes arbitrary change of variables in two dimensions.

Graph paramertic curves in rectangular as well as polar coordinates. Curves can be traced showing the direction of motion and the way a curve is traversed.

Collection with various multivariable calculus applets including: Contour Diagram Plotter; 3D function Grapher; Parametric Curves and Surface in spherical, cylindrical and rectangular coordinate;
This page introduces students to the notion of particle motion and tangent (or velocity) vectors using text and accompanying animations.

This GeoGebra applet and accompanying activities illustrate the formal definition of a sequence of real numbers converging to a limit \(L\) through a series of interactive exercises.

This applet is designed to build the intuition between the idea of a derivative being the slope of the line tangent to a curve and the idea of a derivative as a function symbolically computed from
Graphs of the brachistochrone curve, including an animation of a "race" along it and other curves, and much historical background.