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This animation shows how to use the slope of a curve to plot the derivative for that curve.
This GeoGebra applet plots the first and second derivative on the same graph. The tangent line to the graph of a function at a point is drawn.
An article on how to teach tangent lines, the derivative, and local linearity through experimentation and exploration by students.
The mathlet graphs solution functions \(x(t)\) and \(y(t)\) to the system of differential equations \(x' = f(x,y)\) and \(y' = g(x,y)\), with initial values given by \( x(t_0)=x_0\) and \(y(t_0)=y

Graphs solution functions \(y(x)\) to the differential equation \(y'=f (x,y)\), with initial value given by \(y(x_0)=y_0\). The student can zoom in and out of the graphs.

Timeline of contributors to formulation of the Calculus with biographies: Click on the historical figure's image to see his biography and two links to further online information.

The authors recount the 'great tale' of Napier's and Burgi's parallel development of logarithms and urge you to use it in class.

Using the history of mathematics in a college algebra class has had significant positive effects on student learning.