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This is a brief article on probability that includes interpretations of probability and a few probability rules: the addition rule, the inclusion-exclusion rule, and the law of total probability.
Videos from Khan Academy. Covers many topics from an introductory class, including independent and dependent events, basic counting, expected value, and the law of large numbers.
This is a brief article on Bayes' theorem.
This is a brief article on the law of total probability. The law is expressed in terms of a partition and in terms of a discrete random variable.
This is a short article on Bayes' theorem. The theorem is derived in the setting of a finite partition of the sample space.
This is a short article on conditional probability that gives the definition, the multiplication rule, and Baye's theorem for two events.
This is one in a series of lessons on probability from the Math Goodies site. The definition of conditional probability is given along with several examples from a variety of settings.
This is a short article on dependence and independence of two events. The ideas are discussed in the context of the conditional probability of one event given another.
This article attempts to draw a distinction between independent experiments and independent events within an experiment.
This video explains the difference between independent and dependent events in the context of selecting two winners in a raffle.