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This resource allows user-entered matrices of up to \(6 \times 6\).  There are three levels of user involvement:  the user can perform each row operation, the tool suggests the next step

This resource allows a user-entered matrix of up to \(50 \times 50\).  It finds the inverse, rank, determinant, power, transpose, product/sum/difference.

This resource allows a user-entered matrix of up to \(10 \times 10\).  It performs all steps of Gaussian elimination (with no user assistance) to reduced echelon form and displays each step al

This resource allows the user to enter matrices of up to \(15 \times 15\). It will compute the  sum, difference, product; determinant and inverse; and square of the matrix.

The "Divide Row by Selection" sometimes has trouble with fractions and decimal values.  The Pivot on Selection option is nice.  The decimal vs.

Pleasant and easy to use graphical interface.  Keeps track of all steps.  Uses exact fractions if user enters fractions, otherwise decimal values.  Some instructors (and certainly st

Large collection of GeoGebra apps including man

Large collection of apps including many areas o

This online textbook, based on notes first written in 1991 and corrected in 2013, covers most of the standard material in a first linear algebra course.