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The webpage produced by this URL shows all of the demonstrations pertaining to Newton's Law of Cooling that have been submitted to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.
This is the homepage for the java versions of dfield and pplane. These applets contain most of the features of the original MATLAB versions.
The purpose of this lesson is to develop an understanding of quadratic functions.
This investigation of the genetics of the Sickle Cell trait via a mathematical model uses probability and teaches properties of quadratic functions and the concept of optimization of a function.
Students learn to develop the equation for a line. The emphasis is on the significance of the slope and the \(y\)-intercept.
Students use the internet to research values relevant to projectile motion such as acceleration due to gravity and the height of objects.

2 days. Hands-on simulation activity. Used to introduce solving linear systems of 2 equations in two unknowns, with follow-up involving 3 equations and 3 unknowns.

2 days. Hands-on activity using the actual path of light through your container of water.
"So Much Coffee, So Little Time" can be used at the Intermediate Algebra level to help students see the value of "solving systems of linear equations".
"Get the Lead Out" extends the study of exponential functions and can be used to introduce the use of logarithms to "un-do" exponential expressions in solving equations.