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The authors recount the 'great tale' of Napier's and Burgi's parallel development of logarithms and urge you to use it in class.

Using the history of mathematics in a college algebra class has had significant positive effects on student learning.

A systematically presented multi-page course on basic trigonometry: trigonometry of triangles, laws of sines and cosines, angles, radian measure, trigonometric functions.

This is a Loci article that includes five GeoGebra applets to illustrate topics in real analysis, or a rigorous course in calculus.

This GeoGebra applet allows interactive and visual exploration of the relationship between continuity and differentiability.
Students investigate the limits of the functions \(x^n \sin(^1/_x)\) as \(x \to 0\) for \( n = 0, 1, 2\) and \(3\).
In applying l'Hospital's rule to the limit of a quotient with indeterminate form 0/0, a student gets to select the numerator and denominator from a list of 6 functions.

In the \(\epsilon\)-\(N\) definition of a finite limit at infinity, the students gets to select \(\epsilon\) and then adjust \(N\) to satisfy the definition.

Students choose one of 9 functions and a limit point. Then they can see the value of the function as \(x\) gets closer to the limit point.