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The properties of logarithms are presented after the corresponding laws for exponents are reviewed.
The lesson begins with population application problems looking at doubling time, the constant time that it takes for an exponentially modeled population to double.
This lesson introduces logarithmic scales as a means for plotting data that might otherwise be difficult plot due to their widely varying values.
Beginning with the definition of a polynomial, polynomial multiplication and degree of polynomial products are introduced.
The lesson begins with the definition of an algebraic fraction and then a quick review of the fundamental principle of fractions.

The lesson begins with graphs of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and water levels of Lake Huron where points on the graph are interpreted.

Beginning with linear functions, this lesson looks at functions of real world data defined by tables and graphs before moving into functions defined by equations.

The lesson begins with using graphs to solve quadratic inequalities.

"The purpose of this activity is for students to explore the use of rational equations to solve practical problems.
This project is excellent when you have completed the chapter on lines. It has students create their own data and graph it and then choose a reasonable line, which represents their data.