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Graphs a function \(f (x)=g(x)h'(x)\) and the area under the graph of \(f (x)\) for a given interval, and shows the modifications made to \(f (x)\) and the area when considering \(u=g(x)\) and \(v
This applet uses many examples to dynamically illustrate the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and the meaning of the definte integral in terms of areas.
This applet presents the relationship between the area bounded by a curve and the graph of the corresponding antiderivative.
The applet illustrates the geometric interpretation of antiderivatives in terms of areas.
A nice article, particularly for new teachers of AP Calculus. The author describes her 30+ years of AP experience, as a way to encourage others to trust their ability to teach calculus.
Over 70 interactive Java applets covering numerous concepts from single variable calculus, from limits and continuity to differential equations and Taylor series.

A collection of Quick Time animations on a variety of calculus topics.

This is an ActionScript applet for graphing two functions. This version includes support for tracing the function as it is graphed.

The purpose of this demo is to illustrate how hyperbolic functions and arc length integrals are used to model hanging cables.