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This lesson focuses on finding appropriate non linear functions to model real world phenomena.

The lesson begins with a comparison of data tables and graphs of two functions, one directly proportional (cost of gas) and the other exponential (population), before a definition for direct va

A short lesson introducing the cube root and absolute value functions and their graphs.
Finding the intercepts of a linear model graph.
This lesson begins with linear equations and inequalities in one variable and then moves on to linear equations in two variables.
Treating slope as a rate of change of two quantities with different units. There are both applications based examples and non contextual examples.
Begins with the slope-intercept equation of a line and then introduces the coordinate formula for slope before the introduction of the point-slope equation of a line.
Using real world data, this lesson introduces linear regression using lines of best fit that may calculated by hand by selecting two pints that appear to fall on the line of best fit.
A calculator based introduction to systems of linear equations.
An introduction to solving systems of equations using substitution and elimination. There are both applications based and non applications based problems.