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This maplet provides guided practice in the mechanics of geometric series, including determining if they converge and finding their sum when they do (with feedback and hints).
GeoGebra combines capabilities of a dynamic geometry program (like GeoSketchpad or Cabri) with an equation grapher.
This Java applet allows the user to explore the concept of an improper integral by graphing a function and adjusting the upper limit of the integral of the function with a slider.
This is essentially a Jeopardy game with the categories being integration, definite integrals, substitution, the fundamental theorem, and area between curves.
Applet for constructing antiderivative graph
User can draw a function \(f(x)\) using a nice smoothing algorithm, then a simple slide interaction draws a rectangle whose height is given by the average value of the function from \(a\) to \(b\)
Worksheets are provided with sample questions on investigating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
Exploraton of The Fundamental Theorem (both parts) using worked examples in applets.

A complete lesson on sinusoidal waves and acoustics. An embedded spreadsheet provides an interactive resource for phase shifts; otherwise, this is a static text-based webpage.

A thorough review of high school algebra presented as a series of HTML pages with some Flash applets and JavaScript modules embedded.