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Graphs solutions of diffusion equations over time. Interface could be smoother. You have to click at different points on the timeline to get things graphed - animation would be helpful.
These student Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects developed over seven years are collected at the COMAP website (Â
Notes explaining basic modeling with first order differential equations, looking at specific examples of Mixing Problems, Population Problems, and Falling Bodies.
Video describing how to model and solve a problem involving the position of a mass attached to a srpring.
Mostly a sort of on-line text on basic ODE topics (including types of equations and solutions), but the author has included several examples under each topic and has a link to show step-by-step so
A collection of Maple worksheets that go through analytic methods of solving first order differential equations (separable, linear, integrating factor, exact, Bernoulli).
This site features a collection of videos involving multiple topics in differential equations.

This is a collection of images and animations of various concepts in multivariable calculus, including a plane tangent to a sphere, a function with two local maxima but no local minimum, and a

This is a Java applet used to visualize the relation between various derivatives in differentiating a function of two variables along a parametrized curve.
Collection with various multivariable calculus applets including: Contour Diagram Plotter; 3D function Grapher; Parametric Curves and Surface in spherical, cylindrical and rectangular coordinate;