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Interactive java applet which allows the user to plot any two- or three-dimensional parametric curve together with associated tangent and normal vectors.
This java applet provides a variety of graphing functionality supporting multivariable calculus.
Provides a simple visualization of the polar to rectangular "change of coordinates" by displaying a polar rectangle adjacent to its mapping into rectangular coordinates, together with explanatory
Applet which allows the user to visualise and move a point by its rectilinear or cylindrical coordinates simultaneously.
Contains two videos on multi-tank mixing with pure water and brine, which discuss setting up the system of differential equations, solving the system, and a physical demonstration of the mixing pr
A lab exploring the growth of a population using first order differential equations. Explores different factors including scarce resources and harvesting.
A presentation that gives background in epidemiology, and presents the basic SIR and SIS models.
This webpage displays fully-worked examples showing the solution of a first-order Bernoulli differential equation with constant coefficients.
This Mathematica Demonstration considers a single initial value problem for a single Cauchy-Euler equation.
Static web page with complete details of using Maple to compute a power series solution of a second order ODE.