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This matching game presents users with a game board showing graphs of functions on cards. The goal is to match the functions with their derivatives until there are no cards left on the board.

This applet helps users to visualize the relationship between the shape of the graph of a function and the graph of its derivative.
Instructors notes break down steps for twelve traditional related rates problems that are illustrated via animated gif and quicktime movies.

This webpage contains links to two separate ActionScript applets for graphing multiple functions.

A lab exploring the growth of a population using first order differential equations. Explores different factors including scarce resources and harvesting.
This link takes you to the homepage of Classroom Capsules and Notes.
Students will calculate relationships in the solar system using scientific notation. This requires that students understand how to multiply and divide exponential expressions.
Students will be presented with two different gas stations, and will have to come up with equations to determine the price of gas at each.
This activity, created by Arthur N. DiVito, Ph.D, simulates mixture problems by using red and white colored beads. Mixture A is 70% red, and mixture B is 40% red (as determined by weight).
Students will make the necessary conversions using basic equivalency tables for standard measurements used in cooking.