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This activity is designed to help students connect various representations (verbal, tabular, graphical) of linear functions. The activity is designed to be completed in groups of two.
Using a cost/revenue application problem, the lesson begins with systems involving quadratic equations.
The lesson begins with a definition of a linear inequality and then looks at individual points that satisfy the inequality to motivate the existence of a larger set of points that satisfy the ineq

Beginning with a formal definition of an exponential function, the lesson then compares the graphs of increasing and decreasing exponential functions.

The lesson begins with a discussion about growth factors and percent increase, leading to the presentation of the compound interest formula.

The lesson begins with an emphasis on isolating the radical expression in a radical equation and then highlights the importance of checking for extraneous solutions that may be generated when t

Completing the square is applied to the general quadratic to derive the quadratic formula.

This lesson introduces completing the square as a means of expanding the set of quadratic equations that may be solved beyond the extraction of roots and factoring.

The lesson begins with an exploration of the family of graphs of \(y = ax^2\), with an emphasis on tracking the changes in the \(y\)-values for differing values of the parameter \(a\).

The lesson begins with a situation where the height of a pop fly in baseball is modeled using a quadratic equation.