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This article attempts to draw a distinction between independent experiments and independent events within an experiment.
This video explains the difference between independent and dependent events in the context of selecting two winners in a raffle.
A description of the exponential distribution and its properties. Each property is stated, and a button shows the proof when clicked.
Wikipedia entry for Memorylessness. It defines the concept and discusses a common misconception. Then it discusses the idea in both the discrete and continuous settings.
This is a basic article on the gamma distribution.
This is a basic article on the gamma distribution. The article fits the general format of Wolfram MathWorld articles on distributions: the basic properties are given with some derivations.
This is an interactive applet for the gamma distribution requiring the Wolfram CDF player.
A video tutorial on using R to sample from various distributions.
This video lecture introduces the cumulative distribution function and discusses properties of the function.
This video outlines the uses of two-ways tables and the different ways these tables can be analyzed. The video uses "real-world" data and problems to frame the concepts.