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The lesson begins with population application problems looking at doubling time, the constant time that it takes for an exponentially modeled population to double.
The properties of logarithms are presented after the corresponding laws for exponents are reviewed.

The lesson begins with an application problem to motivate the necessity and use of a logarithm. The formal definition linking logs and exponents is then introduced.

Beginning with linear functions, this lesson looks at functions of real world data defined by tables and graphs before moving into functions defined by equations.

This link takes you to the capsules listed in Fundamental Theorem under One-Variable Calculus within Classroom Capsules and Notes.

This video is a review of the Probability 1 Module and includes three exercises. The first is the probability of choosing a non-blue marble from a bag with 9 red, 2 blue and 3 green marbles.
This is a brief article that starts with the uniform distribution on a finite set to motivate the general axioms of a probability measure.
Math Goodies has a series of nine lessons on elementary probability.
This is a another short article on Bayesian odds, but in this case the author refers to Bayes' ratio instead.
This is a very short article on Bayesian odds.