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This applet shows two events \(A\) and \(B\) as squares within a larger square that represents the sample space.
Overview of Monty Hall problems including original letter to Marilyn vos Savant. Some variations are given.

Official "Let's Make a Deal" site. References to the Monty Hall problem in other popular media including movies, television shows, newspapers, and books are given.

Concise explanation of Monty Hall problem with a written explanation of the solution.
Simple, clean graphics for a simulation of Monty Hall problem. Percentages for switch-win, switch-lose, stay-win, stay-lose are collected.
Extensive discussion of problem, solution, history, variants and potential host behaviors .
Overview of Monty Hall problem including several alternate Host and Player strategies. Links to interactive game are embedded in text.
This applet shows a discrete sample space as a rectangle with a grid of \(N_x\) by \(N_y\) dots. The underlying probability space is the uniform distribution on this finite set of points.
This is an html page that is a part of a larger exposition on probability.