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This is a reasonable set of multiple choice clicker questions that can be used in both building and testing concepts in linear algebra.  The questions are organized in a couple of different fo

Interesting article decribing several of the contributions Grassmann made to linear algebra.

This is a large collection of Java applets for many topics in linear algebra, from basic vectors to systems of linear equations to vector spaces and linear transformations (and more!) Many of the a

The Java Applet provides a demonstration of colors as a linear combination of RED, GREEN, and BLUE using their intensities as coefficients.  Sliders control the selection of the intensity of e

This writeup goes into more details about working with partitioned matrices and the schur complement.

This website shows an animation of multiplying a matrix by a matrix. Well thought out annimations.

The author does a good job of breaking down ideas on invertibility into smaller steps.

This website contains a series of videos on different ways to invert 2x2 and 3x3 matrices.

This website has a basic color coded explanation of the inverse of a matrix and how to find it for small matrices.  The use of color and arrows are nicely done.  The program would work we