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While the webpages works well as intended, the interace is pretty basic. It can be rather difficult to enter a matrix, and the results are difficult to copy into other resources.

This appears to be a web-supplement to Waner and Constable's Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus, 5th ed., published by Cengage in 2010.

This nearly 500-page PDF file contains a free complete textbook for an introductory course in linear algebra. Students are expected to download a copy.

This 121-page PDF file contains a free complete online textbook for a typical linear algebra course; exercises and selected answers are included.

Collection of 34 lectures by Gilbert Strang on specific topics in linear algebra.

From the introductory article by Tucker and the eight (8) full articles, to the three (3) classroom capsules, one (1) student research project, four (4) computer corners, and one (1) book review, t

Very nice overview of modern (as of 1993) applications of linear algebra and the history of linear algebra, and the role of linear algebra in the undergraduate curriculum.

Well-written and concise discussion of the definition of the matrix exponential.

Very clear and compact overview of left and right inverses, including an example showing the non-uniqueness of these inverses for non-square matrices.

Well-written, concise, and complete. Nice application to inner product space with quadratic polynomials.