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Geometry and Art

Geometry and Art

Anneke Bart and Philip Huling
June 20 - 24, 2011


Registration Fee: $100 per person ($150 for registrations received after May 9, 2011)

During our online workshop, we will explore ways to teach a mathematics course using an interdisciplinary approach to motivate mathematical concepts. Materials from the Math and the Art of MC Escher course ( will be used as an example. The workshop will include:

  • Approaching mathematics from an interdisciplinary point of view;
  • Discussion of pedagogical issues involved in developing and teaching these materials;
  • The use of projects and field trips in a mathematics course, including grading schemes and rubrics;
  • Development of materials by the participants for their own courses.

This workshop is aimed at undergraduate (and high school) faculty interested in incorporating innovative ways of exploring mathematics in their classroom.

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