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Curriculum Development & Resources


Quantitative Literacy

This page contains an archive of information and reports concerning quantitative literacy.

MAA-Maplesoft Placement Testing Suite

This testing suite gives you the option of allowing your students to use calculators while solving problems in the Placement Testing Suite, maintaining the stringent statistical controls and high content validity of traditional MAA placement tests.

Basic Library List

The Basic Library List contains a list of books in the mathematical sciences recommended for college, high school, and public libraries. It is designed to provide students with introductory sources that might not be part of their curriculum; to provide reading material that is collateral to regular courses; to provide faculty with reference material that is relevant to their teaching; and to provide appropriate references for students in disciplines that use the mathematical sciences.

Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM)

The MAA's Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM) is charged with making recommendations to guide mathematics departments in designing curricula for their undergraduate students. CUPM has also developed the Curriculum Renewal Across the First Two Years (CRAFTY) reports.