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MAA Publications for High School Teachers

The MAA publishes a variety of books and magazines that may be of interest to high school teachers and students. 

Math Horizons is a vibrant and accessible magazine for educators, students, and enthusiasts of mathematics, dedicated to unveiling the subject—from reports of current happenings to explorations of its culture and folklore. Published four times a year in February, April, September, and November, it offers high-quality exposition of beautiful mathematics.

The MAA also manages the MAA American Mathematics Competitions for high school students. It offers a number of books and other resources dedicated to problems and problem solving, including contest problem compilations, problem solving tips, and other references.

MAA books are available for sale at the online MAA Store.

Books by James Tanton (Curriculum Inspirations)

Mathematics Galore! The First Five Years of the St. Mark’s Institute of Mathematics
Solve This: Math Activities for Students and Clubs

MAA AMC Problem Books

The Contest Problem Book VI: American High School Mathematics Examinations 1989-1994, by Leo J. Schneider.
The Contest Problem Book VII: American Mathematics Competitions 1995-2000 Contests, by Harold Reiter.
The Contest Problem Book VIII: American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 10) 2000-2007, by J. Douglas Faires and David Wells.
The Contest Problem Book IX: American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 12) 2000-2007, by David Wells and J. Douglas Faires.
First Steps for Math Olympians: Using the American Mathematics Competitions by J. Douglas Faires.

Contest Problem Books

The Alberta High School Math Competitions 1957-2006, compiled and edited by Andy Liu.
Hungarian Problem Book IV, translated and edited by Robert Barrington Leigh and Andy Liu.

Teaching Resources

The Calculus Collection: A Resource for AP and Beyond, edited by Caren L. Diefenderfer and Roger B. Nelsen.
Counterexamples in Calculus by Sergiy Klymchuk
Paradoxes and Sophisms in Calculus, by Sergiy Klymchuk
Japanese University Entrance Examinations in Mathematics, edited by Ling-Erl Eileen T. Wu

Books about Mathematics

Expeditions in Mathematics, edited by Tatiana Shubin, David F. Hayes, and Gerald L. Alexanderson.
Mathematical Adventures for Students and Amateurs, edited by David Hayes and Tatiana Shubin.
Sophie’s Diary: A Mathematical Novel, by Dora Musielak.
Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games: The Entire Collection of His Scientific American Columns on One CD.
Sink of Float? Thought Problems in Math and Physics, by Keith Kendig.
101 Careers in Math, edited by Andrew Sterrett.
She Does Math! Real-Life Problems from Women on the Job, edited by Marla Parker.
Twenty Years Before the Blackboard: The Lessons and Humor of a Mathematics Teacher, by Michael Steuben and Diane Sandford.


The Derivative vs. The Integral: The Final Smackdown, by Colin Adams and Thomas Garrity.
The United States of Mathematics Presidential Debate, by Colin Adams, Thomas Gerrity, and Edward Burger.
The Great $$\pi$$/e Debate, by Colin Adams and Thomas Gerrity.
Hard Problems: The Road to the World’s Toughest Math Contest, by George Csicsery.