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High School Sliffe Awards

Thomas Armbruster Thomas Armbruster

In our past twelve years of school, no other math teacher has influenced us or supported us through our mathematical endeavors than Dr. A has. Despite the enormous pressure of maintaining our high rankings throughout several math leagues, we are constantly reminded by Dr. A that we do not need to keep . . .

Continued -- T Armbruster
San Marino High School
San Marino, California
Nominated by:
Patrick Chan, Daniel Kiang, and Roger Zhang
Kerry King Kerry King

We are greatly honored to have this opportunity to nominate Ms. Kerry King for the Edyth May Sliffe Award. Never before have we been blessed with such a truly magnificent teacher like Ms. King to guide us down the path towards success.

From the classroom to outside, Ms. King is always . . .

Continued -- K King
Arcadia High School
Arcadia, California
Nominated by:
Bocong Cheng, Zhuo Yang, and Fengyu Ke
Rita Korsunsky Rita Korsunsky
previously received the
Sliffe Award in 2003

Mrs. Korsunky has been the advisor to Math Club for many years. She is deeply devoted to the club and its activities, and makes available much of her time to making sure Math Club is running smoothly. She recruits people from her classes for Math Club and has worked with the administration to ensure a record turnout for the AMC . . .

Continued -- R Korsunsky
Lynbrook High School
San Jose, California
Nominated by:
Jeremy Feng, Patricia Li, Timothy Chu, Tony Ho, and Joseph Chu
Jason Wiggins Jason Wiggins

There are roughly 1.1 million high school teachers in the United States. Approximately 70,000 members of this regarded cadre of professionals are math teachers. In this specific group of distinguished educators, one particular teacher holds a special place in our hearts. Having taught everything from Advanced Placement to International . . .

Continued -- J Wiggins
F W Buchholz High School
Gainesville, Florida
Nominated by:
Mariya Toneva, Jonathan Mei, Louie Wu, and Sungho Lee
Sharon Fischer Sharon Fischer

The success of a great math club is built upon... what, exactly? Some will argue that it is the students and their individual skills. Others say it is the hard work and dedication provided by the coaches. Still others maintain that the team attitude and sense of community is what ‘makes’ a math club. Mrs. Fischer is present in all of . . .

Continued -- S Fischer
Naperville Central High School
Naperville, Illinois
Nominated by:
Kate Rudolph, Kevin Hu, and Richard Crowley
Paul Karafiol Paul Karafiol

Mr. Karafiol is probably one of the best mathematics teachers in the country. In each of his classes he is enthusiastic and helpful; he teaches material he loves and makes sure no student lags behind. What makes him exceptionally extraordinary, though, is what he does outside the classroom. Mr. Karafiol has shown genuine . . .

Continued -- P Karafiol
Walter Payton College Prep High School
Chicago, Illinois
Nominated by:
Alex Zorn, Timothy Berry, and Daping Weng
Craig Russell Craig Russell

We nominate Mr. Craig Russell for the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Teaching. We cannot imagine a teacher more deserving of this award, due to his diligent leadership, sacrificial time outside the classroom, and consistent excellence inside the classroom.

Continued -- Craig Russell
University Laboratory High School
Urbana, Illinois
Nominated by:
Geoffrey Beck, Ethan Berl, and Alex Zhai
Alexandra Brasoveanu-Tarpy Alexandra Brasoveanu-Tarpy

Mrs. Brasoveanu-Tarpy is an excellent teacher for all of the students who are in her classes. She is dedicated to her teaching, and is almost always available before and after school to help students who come to ask questions. She focuses on the material and does not allow her classes to be interrupted by unnecessary or distracting questions . . .

Continued -- A Brasoveanu-Tarpy
Thomas S. Wootton High School
Rockville, Maryland
Nominated by:
Qinxuan Pan, Suyan She, and Jonathan Liang
James Barys James Barys

Dear Esteemed Ladies and Gentleman of the Sliffe Award Committee, on behalf of ourselves and our fellow students at the Massachusetts Academy, we are most honored to nominate Mr. James Barys for the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Teaching. . . . .

Continued -- J Barys
Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science
Worcester, Massachusetts
Nominated by:
Shengzhi Li, Anand Desai, and Anirvan Mukherjee
Sheryl Cabral Sheryl Cabral

Mrs. Sheryl Cabral has been the most responsible teacher in motivating and preparing our school’s team for the success achieved in the AMC12. Though she is often busy with other commitments, such as her position as the Chair of the Deerfield Mathematics Department, she has maintained her dedication and enthusiasm for extra- . . .

Continued -- S Cabral
Deerfield Academy
Deerfield, Massachusetts
Nominated by:
Yongju Jung, Jen Gong, Joyce Mak, and Wich Huengwattanakul
Ben DeLorio Ben DeLorio

Mr DeLorio loves math. He is heavily invested in our Math Team and the associated activities.

We believe that Mr. DeLorio should receive this award because: . . .

Continued -- B DeLorio
Belmont High School
Belmont, Massachusetts
Nominated by:
Peter Baratta, Sergei Bernstein, and Max Chase
Patrick Farrell Patrick Farrell
previously received the
Sliffe Award in 2001
while at the Maine School of Science & Mathematics

We nominate Mr. Farrell for his enthusiasm and dedication to mathematics. Mr. Farrell inspired us with his obvious and infectious passion for the subject. Together with Mr. Don Barry, he ran our weekly Math Club meetings, which proved both fun and productive. He introduced us to many challenging, interesting problems and encouraged us . . .

Continued -- P Farrell
Phillips Academy
Andover, Massachusetts
Nominated by:
Tony Feng, Kwonyong Jin, David Field, Junghun Koh, Meng Li, Ben Niedzielski, and Yunfan Zhang
Albert Roos Albert Roos
previously received the
Sliffe Award in 2005

Without a doubt, Mr. Roos is the driving force, in both spirit and mathematical ability, behind the Lexington High School Math Team. Though he has been extremely involved with the math team in previous years as our assistant coach, Mr. Roos, as math team coach for the first year, has worked extremely hard to carry math team to . . .

Continued -- A Roos
Lexington High School
Lexington, Massachusetts
Nominated by:
Stephen Xu, Andy Wu, Noah Arbesfeld, and Carl Lian
Barbara Becker Barbara Becker

Mrs. Becker is an amazing math teacher who shares her passion for math with her students. She exemplifies what being a math teacher is all about, including having both interest in her subject and dedication to her students. She teaches Calculus, Honors Geometry, Honors Linear Algebra, and Honors Discrete Mathematics. Further. . .

Continued -- B Becker
Detroit Country Day School
Beverly Hills, Michigan
Nominated by:
Alan Huang, Andrew Jeanguenat, Neil Gurram, and Allen Yuan
Mukkai Krishnamoorthy Mukkai Krishnamoorthy

Professor Moorthy has been with the Albany Area Math Circle since its start in 2001. He generously volunteers 3 hours of his time every Friday night, giving expert guidance to the members of the math circle. He explains solutions with amazing clarity, and has seemingly endless patience. He will often give students problems of his own . . .

Continued -- M Krishnamoorthy
Albany Area Math Circle
Niskayuna, NewYork
Nominated by:
Qianyi Zhang, Schuyler Smith, Andrew Ardito, David Bieber, and Matthew Babbitt
Joseph Stern Joseph Stern
previously received the
Sliffe Award in 2004

Joseph Stern is an inspirational teacher and math team coach whose lucid seminars, rigorous way of thinking, and deep appreciation for the subject have made an enormous difference to mathematics students at Stuyvesant High School. His appreciation for mathematical beauty is contagious, and he is always available to share this . . .

Continued -- J Stern
Stuyvesant High School
New York, NewYork
Nominated by:
Abraham Chien, Artur Dmowski, Daniel Gitelman, Benjamin Hirsch, Adam Sealfon, and Danny Zhu
Philip Rash Philip Rash

We, the team from the North Carolina School of Science and Math, would like to nominate Mr. Philip Rash for the Edyth May Sliffe Award. We feel that he is deserving of this award due to his active participation in the school’s mathematics community, and his commitment as a teacher and mentor.

Continued -- P Rash
NC School of Science and Mathematics
Durham, North Carolina
Nominated by:
Joseph Keefer, Ray Wang, and Shutong Zhan
John Wilson, III John Wilson, III
previously received the
Sliffe Award in 2004

While Mr. John Wilson never expected to be head of the East Chapel Hill Math Team this year, he has risen to the task tremendously, spending much of his time and energy helping us to succeed. Earlier this year, Shannon McGinnis, our previous math team coach, left the school to take care of her newborn baby. When many of us were worried . . .

Continued -- J Wilson, III
East Chapel Hill High School
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Nominated by:
Jeremy Hahn, Hyun Ji Bae, Arthur Kim, and Theodore Lee
Cathy Michaelis Cathy Michaelis

Mrs. Michaelis has been a strong supporter of the Redmond High School math team for many years. She has acted as a supervisor and advisor for the team and has given up her time to help our team practice. She has also ensured that the math team has all available opportunities to compete. For the past couple years, she has . . .

Continued -- C Michaelis
Redmond High School
Redmond, Washington
Nominated by:
Sam Keller, Jonathan Shi, and Meir Lakhovsky
James Smith James Smith

Mr. Smith has been the dedicated coach of the Inglemoor High School Math Team for the last two years. He has devoted an amount of time preparing and accompanying to our team for all the contests. Most contests are taken after school. He allows to hold meetings and practices in his classroom comfortable to the students and provides . . .

Continued -- J Smith
Inglemoor High School
Kenmore, Washington
Nominated by:
Kerry Xing, Yota Kato, and Yuta Kato
Mark Milner Mark Milner
previously received the
Sliffe Award in 1993

All three of us have been taught by Mr. Milner for math. Since the day we stepped into his classroom we were impressed by his unique style of teaching, his humour, and his passion for math. It is always relaxing in his class; his interpretation and sense of humour made the hardest concepts easy to understand. Because of his terrific . . .

Continued -- M Milner
Western Canada High School
Calgary, Alberta
Nominated by:
Linda Zhang, Jarno Sun, and Noble Zhai
Serguei Ianine Serguei Ianine

Mr. Serguei Ianine is a teacher who constantly challenges all students and motivates them to do the best. Rather than just meeting the requirements of the curriculum, Mr. Ianine has always provided us challenging problems to which we could apply what we learned. Moreover, although there was a great difference in the skill . . .

Continued -- S Ianine
University of Toronto Schools
Toronto, Ontario
Nominated by:
Gordon Bae, Jonathan Zung, and Jonathan Schneider
Christopher Ing Christopher Ing

The Hon. Vincent Massey Secondary School AMC 12 team would like to nominate Mr. Christopher Ing for the Edyth May Sliffe Award. He is an enthusiastic mathematician who loves the intrinsic beauty of mathematics. As a former Massey student, he is one of the most involved teachers at our school, organizing many extracurricular activities . . .

Continued -- C Ing
Hon. Vincent Massey Secondary School
Windsor, Ontario
Nominated by:
Yifan Li, Frank Ban, and James Duyck