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About the Joint Mathematics Meetings

The Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) are held in January each year and make up the largest mathematics meeting in the world. There are several opportunities for students to participate and present at JMM.

Opportunities for Students to Present

Each year, the MAA hosts the popular Undergraduate Student Poster Session on Friday at JMM. The 2015 Poster Session was a huge success! This session is open to undergraduate students and even a few graduate and high school students. It is a chance for students to present their work to mathematicians from all over the country, who score the posters and provide written feedback to the presenters. The top 15% of posters receive the Outstanding Presentation Award. To see past abstract books, lists of past winners, and more information, go to the MAA Undergraduate Student Poster Session web page.

Events for Students at JMM 2016

Check back closer to the conference for more information about student activities!