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Student Travel FAQs

What does the Student Travel Grant cover?

This grant only covers travel expenses: airline tickets, train tickets, ferry tickets, bus tickets, baggage fees, transportation to/from your home airport, mileage for a personal vehicle ($0.54 per mile up to 600 miles as of 2016), lodging expenses, and parking fees at the airport or at the hotel.

We cannot cover: meals, meeting registration, preferred seats on flights, poster or presentation expenses, charges to a hotel room (internet, movies, room service, etc.).

Is this travel grant for my group or just for me?

For MathFest 2013 and beyond, travel grants are awarded to individual students. 

Should each member of my group apply for a travel grant separately?

Yes! Each student wishing to apply for a grant should apply for one.

Is there a chance I can receive more funding than I was awarded?

No. For JMM 2016, the maximum student travel grant is $400.

My faculty advisor, parent, or another student paid my expenses. Can the check be sent to him/her?

Yes. We are implementing a new system this year and detailed instructions will be emailed to grant recipients. 

Why does the name on the receipt have to match the name of the person requesting payment?

Since these payments are made as reimbursements, we should be repaying the person who paid. If your parent, faculty advisor, or someone else paid for all or part of your trip, they should submit a reimbursement for and have you sign the back to show that you are transferring the award. If you paid them back in cash or that person wants the payment to go to you, we will not be able reimburse you for that without a signed note from that person saying that the payment can go to you.

Can I receive my travel funding in advance?

You cannot receive your funding in advance. You must submit a reimbursement request after the meeting.

I was not able to attend the meeting. Am I still eligible for reimbursement?

No. Unfortunately, even if you were unable to be refunded for your travel arrangements we are not able to reimburse you if you did not attend the meeting.

What receipts should I use if I drove to the conference?

If you drove to the conference, we request Google Maps or MaqQuest directions showing the route you took. You will reimbursed at the current GSA rate ($0.57 per mile as of January, 2015). You can also submit itemized receipts from gas stations if you would prefer. If you drove more than 600 miles round trip, you will need to also submit evidence that this was the least expensive travel option available to you. 

When can I expect my check?

Your check will arrive approximately four weeks after you submit your reimbursement request.

Can graduate students receive student travel grants?

This grant is restricted to undergraduate students.

I lost my receipt. Can I still be reimbursed?

You should contact the hotel, airline, or other group that issued the original receipt and request a duplicate. We cannot reimburse you without a receipt.

Should I write my Social Security Number on the form?

No, we do not need your SSN for this reimbursement.