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Aha! Solutions

Aha! Solutions

By Martin Erickson

Catalog Code: ASL
Print ISBN: 978-0-88385-829-5
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-61444-401-5
224 pp., Hardbound, 2009
List Price: $55.95
MAA Member: $43.95
Series: Problem Books

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This collection includes 100 problems in the areas of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, probability, number theory, and combinatorics. The problems start out easy and generally get more difficult as you progress through the book. A few solutions require the use of a computer. An important feature of the book is the bonus discussion of related mathematics that follows the solution of each problem.

Table of Contents

I. Elementary Problems
II. Intermediate Problems
III. Advanced Problems
List of Bonuses

About the Author

Martin Erickson is Professor of Mathematics at Truman State University. He received his PhD at University of Michigan in 1987. He has authored three mathematics textbooks: Introduction to Number Theory (with Anthony Vazzana; Chapman & Hall), Introduction to Combinatorics (Wiley), and Principles of Mathematical Problem Solving (with Joe Flowers; Prentice--Hall). Birth and citizenship: U.S.A. Memberships in American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America.

MAA Review

In mathematics there are problems that, while sounding difficult at first, have beautiful, elegant, and most notably simple solutions. Oftentimes when approaching such a problem, many minutes, hours or days will go by before stumbling upon the simple solution. All at once, things align, and your mind screams “Aha!” Aha Solutions is a well thought out compilation of these unique and interesting problems. Continued...


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