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Collected Works I

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Monday, November 25, 2013
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Harald Cramér
Springer Collected Works in Mathematics
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Sur une classe de series de Dirichlet.- Etudes sur la somrnation des series de Fourier.- Un theoreme sur les series de Dirichlet et son application.- Uber die Herleitung der Riemannschen Primzahlformel.- Uber die Nullstellen der Zetafunktion.- Studien tiber die Nullstellen der Riemannschen Zetafunktion.- Nombres premiers et equations indeterminees.- Bemerkung zu der vorstehenden Arbeit des Herrn E. Landau.- Some theorems concerning prime numbers.- On the distribution of primes.- Uber die Zetafunktion auf der Mittellinie des kritischen Streifens (with E. Landau).- Uber das Teilerproblem von Piltz.- Sur un probleme de M. Phragmen.- Ein Mittelwertsatz in der Primzahltheorie.- Uber zwei Satze des Herrn G. H. Hardy.- Contributions to the analytic theory of numbers.- Ein Satz tiber Dirichletsche Reihen.- Das Gesetz von Gauss und die Theorie des Risikos.- Die neuere Entwicklung der analytischen Zahlentheorie (with H. Bohr).- Remarks on correlation.- On some classes of series used in mathematical statistics.- Sur quelques points du ca1cul des probabilites.- Some notes on recent mortality investigations.- On an asymptotic expansion occurring in the theory of probability.- On the composition of elementary errors.- On the mathematical theory of risk.- The risk problem. Exordial review.- The theory of risk in its application to life insurance problems.- Su un teorema relativo alIa legge uniforme dei grandi numeri.- On the development of the mortality of the adult Swedish population since 1800 (with H. Wold).- Sugli sviluppi asintotici di funzioni di ripartizione in serie di polinomi di Hermite.- Mortality variations in Sweden: A study in graduation and forecasting (with H. Wold).- Prime numbers and probability.- Uber die Vorausberechnung der BevOlkerungsentwicklung in Schweden.- Uber eine Eigenschaft der norrnalen Verteilungsfunktion.- Some theorems on distribution functions (with H. Wold).- On the order of magnitude of the difference between consecutive prime numbers.- Sur un nouveau theoreme-limite de la theorie des probabilites.- On the representation of a function by certain Fourier integrals.- On the theory of stationary random processes.- On harmonic analysis in certain functional spaces.- A contribution to the theory of statistical estimation.- Problems in probability theory.- On the factorization of certain probability distributions.- A contribution to the theory of stochastic processes.- On some questions connected with mathematical risk.- Collective risk theory: A survey of the theory from the point of view of the theory of stochastic processes.- Ein Satz tiber geordnete Mengen von Wahrscheinlichkeitsverteilungen.- On the linear prediction problem for certain stochastic processes.- On some classes of nonstationary stochastic processes.- On the structure of purely non-deterministic stochastic processes.- Model building with the aid of stochastic processes.- On the maximum of a normal stationary stochastic process.- Decompositions orthogonales de certains processus stochastiques.- On the approximation to a stable probability distribution.- On asymptotic expansions for sums of independent random variables with a limiting stable distribution.- Stochastic processes as curves in Hilbert space.- The moments of the number of crossings of a level by a stationary normal process (with M. R. Leadbetter).- A limit theorem for the maximum values of certain stochastic processes.- On the intersections between the trajectories of a normal stationary stochastic process and a high level.- On stochastic processes whose trajectories have no discontinuities of the second kind.- On extreme values of certain stochastic processes.- A contribution to the multiplicity theory of stochastic processes.- Historical review of Filip Lundberg's works on risk theory.- On streams of random events.-Structural and statistical problems for a class of stochastic processes.- On distribution function-moment relationships in a stationary point process (with M. R. Leadbetter and R. J. Serfling).- On the history of certain expansions used in mathematical statistics.- On the multiplicity of a stochastic vector process.- Half a century with probability theory. Some personal recollections.- On the multiplicity of a stochastic vector process.- On some points of the theory of stochastic processes.- Mathematical probability and statistical inference.- Bibliography.- Acknowledgements.

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Monday, November 25, 2013