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Linear Algebra and Matrix analysis for Statistics

Sudipto Banerjee and Anindya Roy
Chapman & Hall/CRC
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Texts in Statistical Science
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Matrices, Vectors, and Their Operations
Basic definitions and notations
Matrix addition and scalar-matrix multiplication
Matrix multiplication
Partitioned matrices
The "trace" of a square matrix
Some special matrices


Systems of Linear Equations
Gaussian elimination
Gauss-Jordan elimination
Elementary matrices
Homogeneous linear systems
The inverse of a matrix


More on Linear Equations
The LU decomposition
Crout’s Algorithm
LU decomposition with row interchanges
The LDU and Cholesky factorizations
Inverse of partitioned matrices
The LDU decomposition for partitioned matrices
The Sherman-Woodbury-Morrison formula


Euclidean Spaces
Vector addition and scalar multiplication
Linear spaces and subspaces
Intersection and sum of subspaces
Linear combinations and spans
Four fundamental subspaces
Linear independence
Basis and dimension


The Rank of a Matrix
Rank and nullity of a matrix
Bases for the four fundamental subspaces
Rank and inverse
Rank factorization
The rank-normal form
Rank of a partitioned matrix
Bases for the fundamental subspaces using the rank normal form


Complementary Subspaces
Sum of subspaces
The dimension of the sum of subspaces
Direct sums and complements


Orthogonality, Orthogonal Subspaces, and Projections
Inner product, norms, and orthogonality
Row rank = column rank: A proof using orthogonality
Orthogonal projections
Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization
Orthocomplementary subspaces
The fundamental theorem of linear algebra


More on Orthogonality
Orthogonal matrices
The QR decomposition
Orthogonal projection and projector
Orthogonal projector: Alternative derivations
Sum of orthogonal projectors
Orthogonal triangularization


Revisiting Linear Equations
Null spaces and the general solution of linear systems
Rank and linear systems
Generalized inverse of a matrix
Generalized inverses and linear systems
The Moore-Penrose inverse


Some basic properties of determinants
Determinant of products
Computing determinants
The determinant of the transpose of a matrix — revisited
Determinants of partitioned matrices
Cofactors and expansion theorems
The minor and the rank of a matrix
The Cauchy-Binet formula
The Laplace expansion


Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Characteristic polynomial and its roots
Spectral decomposition of real symmetric matrices
Spectral decomposition of Hermitian and normal matrices
Further results on eigenvalues
Singular value decomposition

Singular Value and Jordan Decompositions
Singular value decomposition (SVD)
The SVD and the four fundamental subspaces
SVD and linear systems
SVD, data compression and principal components
Computing the SVD
The Jordan canonical form
Implications of the Jordan canonical form


Quadratic Forms
Quadratic forms
Matrices in quadratic forms
Positive and nonnegative definite matrices
Congruence and Sylvester’s law of inertia
Nonnegative definite matrices and minors
Extrema of quadratic forms
Simultaneous diagonalization

The Kronecker Product and Related Operations
Bilinear interpolation and the Kronecker product
Basic properties of Kronecker products
Inverses, rank and nonsingularity of Kronecker products
Matrix factorizations for Kronecker products
Eigenvalues and determinant
The vec and commutator operators
Linear systems involving Kronecker products
Sylvester’s equation and the Kronecker sum
The Hadamard product


Linear Iterative Systems, Norms, and Convergence
Linear iterative systems and convergence of matrix powers
Vector norms
Spectral radius and matrix convergence
Matrix norms and the Gerschgorin circles
SVD – revisited
Web page ranking and Markov chains
Iterative algorithms for solving linear equations


Abstract Linear Algebra
General vector spaces
General inner products
Linear transformations, adjoint and rank
The four fundamental subspaces - revisited
Inverses of linear transformations
Linear transformations and matrices
Change of bases, equivalence and similar matrices
Hilbert spaces