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The College Mathematics Journal - March 2004


On Determining the Non-Circularity of a Plane Curve
Lane F. Burgette and Russell A. Gordon

On the Values of Pi for Norms on R2,
J. Duncan, Daniel H. Luecking, and C.M. McGregor

First Order Differential Equations and the Atmosphere
Gerhard Ströhmer

The Old Hats Problem Revisited
Heba Hathout

What Did Lincoln Really Mean?
Paul K. Stockmeyer

An Elementary Resolution of the Liar Paradox
James S. Walker

Heron's Area Formula: What About a Tetrahedron?
Reuben Hersh

Tiling With Dominoes
Nathan S. Mendelsohn


Fallacies, Flaws, and Flimflam

Classroom Capsules

A Generalized Magic Trick from Fibonacci: Designer Decimals
Marjorie Bicknell-Johnson

A Calculus Theorem Motivated by a Statistics Problem
David L. Farnsworth

Combinatorial Proofs via Flagpole Arrangements
Duane DeTemple

Periodic Points for the Tent Function
David Sprows


Problems and Solutions

Student Research Projects

The Growth of Trees
Philip K. Hotchkiss and John Meier

Media HiIghlights