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The College Mathematics Journal - November 2004

November 2004 Contents


Win, Lose, or Draw: A Markov Chain Analysis of Overtime in the National Football League
C. Michael A. Jones

Projectile Motion with Resistance and the Lambert W Function
Edward W. Packel and David S. Yuen

How Do You Stack Up?
John P. Bonomo and Carolyn K. Cuff

Mind Your A's and E's
Stephen M. Walk

Linearizing Mile Run Times
Garrett I. Ash, J. Marshall Ash, and Stefan Catoiu

Revisiting Spherical Trigonometry with Orthogonal Projectors
Sudipto Banerjee


Fallacies, Flaws, and Flimflam

Classroom Capsules

The Theorem of Cosines for Pyramids
Alexander Kheyfits

Logarithmic Differentiation: Two Wrongs Make a Right
Noah Samuel Brannen and Ben Ford

Placing the Natural Logarithm and the Exponential Function on an Equal Footing
Michel Helfgott

Trigonometric Identities on a Graphing Calculator
Joan Weiss

Musical Analysis and Synthesis in Matlab
Mark R. Petersen


Problems and Solutions

Media Highlights

Referees in 2003