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If a ball 6 inches in diameter weighs 32 lbs, what will be the weight of a ball 3 inches in diameter?
Whimsical posters of fifteen mathematicians with brief biographies.
As this biography reveals, Servois fought in battles for Paris and for the foundations of calculus.
A collection of sixteen posters of contributors to calculus, with brief biographical sketches.
In his analysis of volumes of wine barrels, Kepler used ideas that would become important in differential and integral calculus. Use this article's animated visual imagery to help share Kepler's ideas with your students.
A study of the rise of English algebra from the Medieval period to the end of the seventeenth century.
Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.
There are four winners of the HOMSIGMAA Student Paper Contest for 2008. The papers may be accessed here.
Determine by using algebra the number of degrees in the angle A where: cos A = tan A

A survey of the famous Konigsberg Bridge Problem and its connection to graph theory, by an undergraduate student