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A history of the concept of zero from as far back as the Babylonian period, with philosophical excursions into the meaning of "nothing".

The eleventh International Congress on Mathematical Education will meet in Monterrey, Mexico from July 6 to July 13, 2008.
A certain slave fled from Milan to Naples going 1/10 of the whole journey each day. At the beginning of the third day, his master sent a slave after him and this slave went 1/7 of the whole journey each day.
Portraits of 92 living mathematicians, with autobiographical comments.
NCTM Meeting in Philadelphia
This book explores the history of mathematics from the perspective of the creative tension between common sense and the "impossible" as the author follows the discovery or invention of new concepts that have marked mathematical progress.

A study of the nature of architecture in ancient Egypt and its relationship to Egyptian mathematics.
This a wonderfully written tour of aspects of classical geometry-- a must read for all geometry teachers.
A new edition of a classic work on number theory.

The author constructs a possible mathematical path from the ancient Babylonians to Pythagoras, Euclid, and the ancient Greeks.