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The "rood", a linear measure dating from many centuries ago, is calculated anew in today's classrooms.
A wonderful book about the square root of 2, beginning with the search for the side of a square double a given square.
A certain bishop ordered that 12 loaves be divided among his clergy.
Problems taken from Chinese sources
A collection of articles about historical and contemporary women in mathematics.
History of Maya calendars, including the modified base 20 number system used in them
This is from a letter of June, 1695 in which Leibniz is discussing differentiation with Johann Bernoulli. The work in which these letters appear is the Virorum Celeberr. Got. Gul. Leibnitii et Johann Bernoulli Commercium Philosophicum et Mathematica, originally published in 1740.
This is a collection of plates that Leonardo da Vinci created to illustrate De divina proportione of Luca Pacioli.
A general formed his men into a square, that is, an equal number in rank and file, and he found that he had an excess of 59 men.
Find the area of the elliptical segment cut off parallel to the shorter axis;