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Having been given the lengths, a and b, of two straight lines drawn from the acute angles of a right triangle to the middle of the opposite sides, determine the length of those sides.
This is an invited working conference as part of the ICMI Study Series.
Seven men held equal shares in a grinding stone 5 feet in diameter. What part of the diameter should each grind away?
This article contains examples of the use of the rule of false position in the solution of geometric problems as found in the work of Simon Stevin. We discuss the benefits for future teachers and their students.
Given a rectangle, find the line through one vertex of minimum length that passes through the extensions of the two opposite sides.
The Fibonacci numbers and applications to areas such as plant growth and stock market predictions.

Here are all articles, classroom activities, and reviews arranged into annual volumes starting with 2004.

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An elementary introduction to Euler squares and how they can be used in teacher training

A study of some elements of Greek geometry, as part of a course for liberal arts undergraduates on basic concepts of the calculus.