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Arithmos seminars are 24-hour workshops on the classics of mathematics, read in the original, or in a scholarly English translation.
A new edition of a classic work on number theory.
Information on previous ESUs
There is a tree with 100 branches. How many nests, eggs and birds are there?
The sum of the two digits of a 2-digit number is 9. If 45 is subtracted from the number, the result will be expressed by the digits in reverse order. Find the number.

Three images from Kepler's 1609 Astronomia Nova, the text in which he introduced his first two laws of planetary motion

If 12 cattle eat up 3 1/3 acres of meadow in 4 weeks and 21 cattle eat up 10 acres of exactly similar meadow in 9 weeks, how many cattle shall eat up 36 acres in 18 weeks? (Hint: The grass continues to grow.)
There are two piles, one containing 9 gold coins, the other 11 silver coins.
Determine the dimensions of the least isosceles triangle ACD that can circumscribe a given circle.
A gentleman has bought a rectangular piece of land whose perimeter is to be 100 rods.