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A copper water tank in the form of a rectangular parallelopiped is to made. If its length is to be a times its breadth, how high should it be that for a given capacity it should cost as little as possible?
This website contains a complete version of Euclid's Elements, with all the proofs.
Original source material from seventeen mathematicians, with commentary by Stephen Hawking.
Considering non-unique representation of Maya calendar numbers may help your students understand their own number system better.
Poster picturing five famous women, from Hypatia to Grace Hopper.
This is the title page of the Nova Scientia (1537) of Niccolo Tartaglia (1499-1557). In this work, Tartaglia discussed the mathematics of artillery and developed methods for determining the range of a cannon.
Why should we use historical problems in today's classroom? This article answers that question and serves as an introduction to the problems on this website.
A letter to Sam Greitzer, late editor of Arbelos, discussing the derivation of two formulas for calculating pi.
This meeting will take place at the MAA Carriage House in Washington, DC on April 19, 2008.
A great book from which to learn and teach the subject of relativity.