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A summary of the history of the problem of finding the region of greatest area bounded by a given perimeter. This essay was a winner of the HOM SIGMAA student essay contest in 2006.
Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.
A sourcebook of original materials in the history of mathematics from ancient times to the early twentieth century.
A collection of short pieces detailing how Euler solved a particular mathematics problem.
Images from a 16th century text about the astrolabe and its uses
Classrom suggestions for integrating Leonardo's ideas in several different classes
Tartaglia's method for solving cubics, which he eventually explained to Cardano.
A new sourcebook containing the works in their original form along with a translation and a brief commentary.
Two officers each have a company of men, the one has 40 less than the other.
Two men starting from the same point begin walking in different directions. Their rates of travel are in the ratio 7:3.