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This website devoted to miscellanea about Archimedes contains much interesting material about his life and times.
These are the winning entries from the annual History of Mathematics SIGMAA Student Paper Contest.
A wooden beam is stood vertically against a wall. The length of the beam is 30 units.
Brief biographies of mathematicians with mathematical activities based on their work.
A survey of the attempts to prove Kepler's conjecture over the past 400 years.
Given a door and a measuring rod of unknown dimensions, the rod is used to measure the door.
A discussion of the meaning of mathematical unsolvability in the context of the history of Abel's proof of the unsolvability of the quintic equation in terms of radicals.
What is the perpendicular height of a cloud when it's angles of elevation were 35 degrees and 64 degrees as taken by two observers?
A method for extracting square roots used in Italy through the 18th century was introduced in a manuscript by the 12th century mathematician al-Hassar.
A fish sees a heron looking at him from across a pool, so he quickly swims towards the south. When he reaches the south side of the pool, he has the unwelcome surprise of meeting the heron.