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Given the frustum of a circular cone with height h.
A square walled city measures 10 li on each side. At the center of each side is a gate. Two persons start walking from the center of the city.
Given a right triangle where you know the length of the base and the sum of the perpendicular side and the hypotenuse.

The development of 30 important mathematics subjects during the twentieth century made understandable to undergraduate mathematics majors.

A bibliographical reference to mathematics books printed in the new world before 1700.

A survey of concepts of infinite sets over the centuries.
Short biographies of mathematicians with mathematical activities.
A biography stressing Agnesi's deep commitment to help those in need.
There is a mound of earth in the shape of a frustum of a cone.
One hundred men besieged in a castle, have sufficient food to allow each one bread to the weight of 14 lot a day for ten months.