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This work discusses the people who solved some of Hilbert's problems from 1900, as well as the mathematics involved in the solutions.
Wanting to know the breadth of a river, I measured a base of 500 yards in a straight line close by one side of it.
In baking a hemispherical loaf of bread of 10" radius, the crust was everywhere of an equal thickness, and the solidity of the crust was equal to half the solid content of the whole loaf. What were the dimensions of the interior soft part?
A collection of 24 mini-posters, each containing a quotation about mathematics.
Images from a 16th century text about the astrolabe and its uses
A collection of short pieces detailing how Euler solved a particular mathematics problem.
Three congruent circles of radius 6 inches are mutually tangent to one another. Compute the area enclosed between them.
A new sourcebook containing the works in their original form along with a translation and a brief commentary.
Tartaglia's method for solving cubics, which he eventually explained to Cardano.
A four-sided town measures 1100 feet on one side and 1000 feet on the other side, on one edge 600 and the other edge 600.