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An introduction to the prime numbers in many of their aspects.

The history of the four color problem with sketches of the attempted proofs in the nineteenth century and an outline of the computer proof of the twentieth century.
A gentleman has bought a rectangular piece of land whose perimeter is to be 100 rods; and he is to pay 1 dollar for each rod in the length of the land and 3 dollars for each rod in the breath of the land.

Author Keith Devlin argues that the impact of the Pisan merchant and his Arabic numbers on medieval Europe was even greater than previously thought.

The square of a certain number multiplied by itself and by 200 is 446,976. What is the number?
This is the title page of the first textbook in the calculus of variations, Leonhard Euler's Method of Finding Curved Lines that Show some Property of Maximum or Minimum. It was published in 1744.
A study of Mullikan's Nautilus, using movies to illustrate the important ideas
Whimsical posters of fifteen mathematicians with brief biographies.
Three hundred pigs are to be prepared for a feast.
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