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A collection of images of historical texts and tools to share with your students

Find the two numbers such that multiplying one by the other makes 8 and the sum of their squares is 27
Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer both offered approximate constructions of regular pentagons for the use of artists. This article explains these constructions.
I found a stone but did not weigh it; after I added to it 1/7 of its weight and then 1/11 of this new weight, I weighed the total at 1 mina. What was the weight of the stone?
Archimedes' use of the law of the lever to compute areas and volumes in The Method is discussed. Classroom ready examples are presented.
A listing of the history sessions at the 2008 Joint Mathematics meetings in San Diego, January 4-9, 2008.
As this biography reveals, Servois fought in battles for Paris and for the foundations of calculus.
Boyer's classic text, as revised by Uta Merzbach, is still worth having.
Twenty-three weary travelers entered a delightful forest. There they found 63 numerically equal piles of plantain fruit.
When knowing the sum of their ages along with another equation, determine how old a father and son are.