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A description of this well-regarded website.
A farmer sold a team of horses for $440, but did not receive his pay for them until 1 yr, 8 mo after the sale. He had at the same time another offer of $410 for them. Did he gain or lose by the sale and by how much, money being worth 6%/yr?

Nine examples of using history in the mathematics classroom -- for those who read French!

A song for Pi Day.
A collection of original texts to help students learn some important areas of mathematics.
This a wonderfully written tour of aspects of classical geometry-- a must read for all geometry teachers.
A survey of this theorem's 4000 year history, with applications to many fields.
Brief biographies of mathematicians with mathematical activities based on their work.
An excellent book surveying the history of the philosophy of mathematics from the time of Plato to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
NCTM Annual Meeting in St. Louis