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Determine the greatest cylinder that can be inscribed in a given cone.
Aspects of classical Greek mathematics are compared with areas of Babylonian mathematics.
The story of Nicolaus Mercator, music, and logarithms.
Some ideas on using student reports when you teach a course in the history of mathematics
A new edition of a classic work on number theory.
Information on previous ESUs
Two men start walking at the same time and travel a distance. One is walking faster and completes the journey sooner. How fast did each man travel?
The author presents five modules based on mathematics from medieval Islamic cultures for use in a variety of high school and college mathematics courses.
A father left $20,000 to be divided among his four sons ages 6, 8, 10, and 12 years respectively so that each share placed at 4 1/2 compounded interest should amount to the same value when its possessor becomes the age 21.
A survey of the use of technology in American mathematics teaching over the past 200 years.