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A survey of techniques of minimizing and maximizing over the centuries.

Author Keith Devlin argues that the impact of the Pisan merchant and his Arabic numbers on medieval Europe was even greater than previously thought.

A gentleman has a garden of rectangular form and wants to construct a walk of equal width half way round to take up half the garden. What must be the width of this walk?
This is the title page of the first textbook in the calculus of variations, Leonhard Euler's Method of Finding Curved Lines that Show some Property of Maximum or Minimum. It was published in 1744.
A section of a much larger website, dealing with some random topics in the history of mathematics.
A brief introduction to the life of John Napier, along with an animation of calculations using Napier's bones.
A collection of biographies of sixty mathematicians from the eighteenth century to the twentieth.
A delightful survey of the history of trigonometry, along with discussions of its uses, both ancient and modern.
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Review of a book that suggests that the accepted historical chronology is fundamentally flawed.