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A thorough study of Benjamin Franklin's mathematical accomplishments, in particular his work on magic squares.
Given a rectangle, find the line through one vertex of minimum length that passes through the extensions of the two opposite sides.
Rabbits and pheasants are put in a basket.
Having been given the perimeter and perpendicular of a right angled triangle, it is required to find the triangle.
The incircle O(r) of triangle ABC touches AB at D, BC at E and AC at F. Find r in terms of AD, BE and CF.

A survey of over two thousand years of the history of mathematics on the Indian subcontinent.
The quadrennial meeting of the International Study Group on the Relations between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics will be in Mexico City, July 14-18, 2008.
Fibonacci gave a practical rule for approximating the area of an equilateral triangle.
A translation of one of the seminal papers in the field of elliptic integrals, but one that can be read by an undergraduate.
Thumbnail sketches of statisticians throughout history.