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What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895

Here are all articles, classroom activities, and reviews arranged into annual volumes starting with 2004.

A California miner has a spherical ball of gold, 2 inches in diamter, which he wants to exchange for spherical balls 1 inch in diameter. How many of the smaller spheres should he receive?
There is a tree with 100 branches. How many nests, eggs and birds are there?
Using the history of mathematics in a college algebra class has had significant positive effects on student learning.
If 12 cattle eat up 3 1/3 acres of meadow in 4 weeks and 21 cattle eat up 10 acres of exactly similar meadow in 9 weeks, how many cattle shall eat up 36 acres in 18 weeks? (Hint: The grass continues to grow.)
Two MAA PREP Workshops in the History of Mathematics will be offered in June at the MAA Headquarters in Washington, DC.
A summary of the history of the problem of finding the region of greatest area bounded by a given perimeter. This essay was a winner of the HOM SIGMAA student essay contest in 2006.
The movie Agora, about the mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria (c. 400 AD), is spectacular and intriguing but Hypatia should be portrayed as the hero she was.
A sourcebook of original materials in the history of mathematics from ancient times to the early twentieth century.