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Problems from a 15th century French manuscript, including one with negative solutions

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This is page 167 from the Exercitationes mathematicae (1657) of Frans van Schooten (1615-1660). This book contained a collection of mathematical construction problems, among much else. It was one of the books read by Isaac Newton while he was a student at Cambridge University and helped to introduce him to modern mathematics. On this page we see a construction enabling one to find the distance across a river.
When knowing the sum of their ages along with another equation, determine how old a father and son are.
A certain merchant increases the value of his estate by 1/3...
I owe a man the following notes: one of $800 due May 16; one of $660 due on July 1; one of $940 due Sept. 29. He wishes to exchange them for two notes of $1200 each and wants one to fall due June 1. When should the other be due?
A popular history of ancient mathematics, dealing with the mathematics of ancient Egypt and Babylonia.
A set of n disjoint, congruent circles packs the surface of a sphere S so that each region of the surface exterior to the circles is bounded by arcs of three of the circles.
A report on an Australian teacher's use of material from the Rhind Papyrus.

A bibliographical reference to mathematics books printed in the new world before 1700.