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Images of the first printed edition of Euclid's Elements

I was employed to survey a field, which I was told was an exact geometrical square, but by reason of a river running through it, I can only obtain partial measurements.
Why should we use historical problems in today's classroom? This article answers that question and serves as an introduction to the problems on this website.
A discussion of why we use "e" to represent the base of the natural logarithm system.
Suppose the area of an equilateral triangle be 600. The sides are required.
A biography of the geometer Donald Coxeter.
A ladder is placed perpendicular to the plane of the horizon, and in coincidence with the plane of an upright wall.
A wonderful survey of the history of mathematics, emphasizing its relationship with the ambient culture.
A teacher agreed to teach 9 months for $562.50 and his board. At the end of the term, on account of two months absence caused by sickness, he received only $409.50. What was his board worth per month?
A compilation of ethnomathematical ideas from around the world.