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This website devoted to miscellanea about Archimedes contains much interesting material about his life and times.

How Euler resolved the paradox first noted by Maclaurin that nine points should determine a curve of order three, yet two such curves can intersect in nine points

A general formed his men into a square, that is, an equal number in rank and file, and he found that he had an excess of 59 men.
A survey of the attempts to prove Kepler's conjecture over the past 400 years.
Page from al-Khwarizmi's algebra text written in about 825. The proof of the rule for solving a quadratic equation of the form "squares plus roots equal numbers".
The work of ten scientists who thought deeply about patterns.
The sum of two numbers is 10 and their product is 40. What are the numbers?
A portrait gallery of mathematicians, mostly taken from the collection at the Dibner Library of the Smithsonian, with permission.
What is the perpendicular height of a cloud when it's angles of elevation were 35 degrees and 64 degrees as taken by two observers?
Cantor's work on Fourier series provides historical motivation for the study of point-set topology.