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A survey of this theorem's 4000 year history, with applications to many fields.
The highest point of the Andes is about 4 miles above sea level.
An excellent book surveying the history of the philosophy of mathematics from the time of Plato to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Suppose a man had put out one cent at compound interest in 1620, what would have been the amount in 1824, allowing it to double once in 12 years?
Poster picturing five famous women, from Hypatia to Grace Hopper.
Portraits of 92 living mathematicians, with autobiographical comments.
Why should we use historical problems in today's classroom? This article answers that question and serves as an introduction to the problems on this website.
A man is walking across a bridge, when a boat passes under the bridge.How rapidly are the boat and the pedestrian separating after the boat passes under the bridge?
A certain bishop ordered that 12 loaves be divided among his clergy.
Gun metal of a certain grade is composed of 16% tin and 84% copper. How much tin must be added to 410 lbs. of this gun metal to make a composition of 18% tin?