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This collection of readings gives details on the history of mathematics education in the U.S. from 1828 to 1959.
A general mathematics website with much information on the history of mathematics.
These posters illustrate aspects of the history of mathematics in countries from Babylonia to Ireland.

How a translation of Peano's counterexample to the 'theorem' that a zero Wronskian implies linear dependence can help your differential equations students

A four-sided town measures 1100 feet on one side and 1000 feet on the other side, on one edge 600 and the other edge 600.
Title page from the Ars Magna, by Gerolamo Cardano, published in 1545. Engraved portrait of the author. First printed text of algebraic solution of cubic equations.
What is the sum of the following series, carried to infinity: 11, 11/7, 11/49, etc.?
A new collection of original source materials in the mathematics of five civilizations.
A history of the development of Pascal's triangle in its various manifestations
A seminar of faculty from colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area, meeting monthly at Villanova University.