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A study of the rise of English algebra from the Medieval period to the end of the seventeenth century.
A report on an Australian teacher's use of material from the Rhind Papyrus.
Image of first arithmetic book published in the English colonies in what is now the Eastern United States
A collection of illustrations of Inca quipus, with references to their earliest descriptions.
A translation from the original Greek of a manuscript on magic squares by the Byzantine scholar Manuel Moschopoulos, written about 1315
Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer both offered approximate constructions of regular pentagons for the use of artists. This article explains these constructions.
Two cog-wheels, one having 26 cogs, and the other 20 cogs, run together. In how many revolutions of the larger wheel will the smaller gain in 12 revolutions?
A cat sitting on a wall 4 cubits high saw a rat prowling 8 cubits from the foot of the wall;
Archimedes' use of the law of the lever to compute areas and volumes in The Method is discussed. Classroom ready examples are presented.
After a terrible battle it is found that 70% of the soldiers have lost an eye.