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History of Maya calendars, including the modified base 20 number system used in them
The cost per hour of running a certain steamboat is proportional to the cube of its velocity in still water. At what speed should it be run to make a trip up stream against a four-mile current most economically?
This is from a letter of June, 1695 in which Leibniz is discussing differentiation with Johann Bernoulli. The work in which these letters appear is the Virorum Celeberr. Got. Gul. Leibnitii et Johann Bernoulli Commercium Philosophicum et Mathematica, originally published in 1740.
This is a collection of plates that Leonardo da Vinci created to illustrate De divina proportione of Luca Pacioli.
A translation of one of the earliest European mathematical texts to use the Hindu-Arabic number system.
Now there are three sisters who leave home together.
A brief history of mathematics aimed at college students with little technical knowledge of mathematics.
A certain merchant increases the value of his estate by 1/3...
A collection of articles in the history of mathematics that appeared in journals of the Mathematical Association of America over the past 90 years.
A set of n disjoint, congruent circles packs the surface of a sphere S so that each region of the surface exterior to the circles is bounded by arcs of three of the circles.