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A collection of sixteen posters of contributors to calculus, with brief biographical sketches.
Aspects of classical Greek mathematics are compared with areas of Babylonian mathematics.
Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.
The story of Nicolaus Mercator, music, and logarithms.
The annual meeting of the HPM Americas Section will take place Friday, April 28 at 5:30 pm. in the Landmark 5
room of the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis.
Paul Halmos Photograph Collection, page 2: Arveson, Aschbacher, Askey, Lininger, Atiyah, Doob
This is a translation of an article of Leonhard Euler in which he attempts to prove the fundamental theorem of algebra. In addition, he discusses in detail his understanding of the nature of complex numbers.
This is the title page to Rene Descartes' Treatise on Method, with its three famous essays on Dioptrics, Meteorology, and Geometry. The third essay contains Descartes' treatment of analytic geometry as well as his theory of equations and his rule for finding the normal to a given curve.
Classrom suggestions for integrating Leonardo's ideas in several different classes
Essays on how number has been critical to the work of scientists through the ages.