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A biography of Gauss designed for high school students.
A horse halving its speed every day runs 700 miles in 7 days.
The author takes us on a historical tour of mathematics through postage stamps of the world that display mathematicians and mathematics.
The 2006 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, TX, January 12-15, 2006, have many sessions in the history of mathematics and their use in teaching.
Page 9, Images from Paul Halmos Photograph Collection: Burkholder, Butzer, Calderon, Chern, et al
A thorough study of Benjamin Franklin's mathematical accomplishments, in particular his work on magic squares.
The Arithmetic of Boethius (480-524) dates from the early sixth century. This page is from a mansucript (Plimpton MS 165) that dates from approximately 1294, written on vellum.
A collection of articles from the American Mathematical Monthly by experts on the evolution of various fields of mathematics.
A mouse is at the top of a poplar tree 60 braccia high, and a cat is on the ground at its foot. The mouse decends 1/2 a braccia a day and at night it turns back 1/6 of a braccia.
Rabbits and pheasants are put in a basket.