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There is a number which when divided by 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6 always has a remainder of 1 and is truly divisible by 7. It is sought what is the number?
Reprint of a classic biography of Gauss, with a new forward by Jeremy Gray.
If two Post-boys, A and B at 59 miles distance from one another, set out in the morning in order to meet...
A discussion of aspects of Leonardo of Pisa's Book of Squares.
A comprehensive history of trigonometry from ancient times to the Renaissance.
This website is connected to the book, The Joy of Pi. It has numerous interesting facts about pi, with links to additional sites.
Information on the NCTM Fall, 2004 Eastern Regional meeting.

A comparison of the Greek and Chinese approach to the idea of similarity.

A CD with eleven modules, each containing numerous activities designed to help secondary teachers use the history of mathematics to teach mathematics.
Given a pyramid 300 cubits high, with a square base 500 cubits to a side, determine the distance from the center of any side to the apex.