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A new history of mathematics in ancient Mesopotamia, concentrating on its social aspects.
Three circles of varying radius are mutually tangent. The area of the triangle connecting their centers is given. Find the radius of the third circle.
There is a round town 8000 feet in circumference.
The ICM meets every four years. This year, the meeting takes place August 22-30 and is being held in Madrid. Section 20 of the Congress deals with the history of mathematics.
On a certain ground stands two poles 12 feet apart, the lesser pole is 35 ft. in height and the greater 40 ft. It is sought, if the greater pole will lean on the lesser, then in what part will it touch?
A translation of one of the earliest European mathematical texts to use the Hindu-Arabic number system.
A brief history of mathematics aimed at college students with little technical knowledge of mathematics.

Here are all articles, classroom activities, and reviews arranged into annual volumes starting with 2004.

A collection of articles dealing with mathematical models and objects and how they can be used in teaching.
A collection of articles in the history of mathematics that appeared in journals of the Mathematical Association of America over the past 90 years.