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This article contains examples of the use of the rule of false position in the solution of geometric problems as found in the work of Simon Stevin. We discuss the benefits for future teachers and their students.
Three hundred pigs are to be prepared for a feast.
A sketch of the history of topology, beginning with the polyhedron formula, but continuing up to the present.
The Fibonacci numbers and applications to areas such as plant growth and stock market predictions.
The answer to the following question is obtained using as optimum strategy-the farmer is getting the "best deal" possible. Can you figure out the solution strategy?...
The history of the four color problem with sketches of the attempted proofs in the nineteenth century and an outline of the computer proof of the twentieth century.
The history of the Poincare conjecture up to its recent proof by Grigori Perelman.
A study of some elements of Greek geometry, as part of a course for liberal arts undergraduates on basic concepts of the calculus.
Some ideas on using student reports when you teach a course in the history of mathematics

A math history class visits the 'Beautiful Science' exhibit at the Huntington Library in Southern California.