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A new edition of a classic work on number theory.
The authors makes the case for Leonardo da Vinci as the first modern scientist, as he discussed Leonardo's mathematics and science.
Information on previous ESUs
A powerful, unvanquished, excellent black snake, 80 angulas in length, enters into a hole at the rate of 7 1/2 angulas in 5/14 of a day, and in the course of a day its tail grows 11/4 of an angula.
The sum of the two digits of a 2-digit number is 9. If 45 is subtracted from the number, the result will be expressed by the digits in reverse order. Find the number.

Images of the first printed edition of Euclid's Elements

There are two piles, one containing 9 gold coins, the other 11 silver coins.

A discussion of why we use "e" to represent the base of the natural logarithm system.

A gentleman has bought a rectangular piece of land whose perimeter is to be 100 rods.
In a forest, a number of apes equal in number to the square of 1/8 of the total number of apes are noisy. The remaining 12 apes are on a nearby hill irritated. What is the total number of apes in the pack?